Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Shock Beep Collar with 1300ft Remote Range

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Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Shock Beep Collar with 1300ft Remote Range 

4. 1300ft Wide Remote Range: It provides a range up to 1300ft ( 433 yds ), suitable for any indoor training or outdoor hiking, and it is still effectively when there is barrier between you and you dog.

5. Waterproof Receiver: The waterproof feature allow you can train your dog when it swimming, bathing, even during weather conditions. This e-collars used long-lasting batteries, a 2 hours full charge for a 15 days standby.

1. Three Training Modes & Five Levels Intensity: Dog training collars are extremely safe and effective tools. You can solve your dog's behaviour problems; teach your dog basic obedience commands; train your dog to do almost anything.

2. Beep Sound >Vibration >Shock (1-5 level): You can try from beep sound and adjust the intensity continuously to find the most suitable mode to training your dog more effectively.

3. No Skin Irritation: There are silicone covers that can protect your dog's skin from getting hurt in the highest intensity stimulation mode. The shock collar doesn’t leave any lasting pain on your dog. It just gives him a small shock that will deter him from doing anything bad like dashing across the flower bed or running after the neighbour’s cat.

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