Micro-current RF EMS LED Photon Light Therapy Face Tightening Massager

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4 in 1 Electroporation LED Photon Facial RF Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation EMS Mesotherapy for Tighten Face Lift Beauty Treatment

How to Use

1. Press the power button 3 seconds to turn on the device.do not use while charging.

2. Keep the fingers in touch with the sensor on the side on the device to form a complete circuit.

3. Use the cleansing mode with makeup remover, or cleansing lotions, do not use a facial cleanser, or cleansing oil.

4. It is normal that you will feel the weak electric current while using, which is because the device adopts micro-current technology.


Set positive + negative + warm + micro vibration + red + blue light in one of the facial beauty instrument.

Positive and negative ions: by using the principle of positive and negative charge ions attracting each other, the dirt in deep pores can be removed through biological current to completely clean through

Ion introduction penetrates beauty ingredients into the muscle base.

Vibration: adopt vibration and voltage stimulation to tighten human skin, increase elasticity and enhance metabolism of skin cells. 

Warm: warm massage promotes absorption, stretches skin texture and makes skin fuller.

Red light: 640nm-650nm red light penetrates into the dermis, promoting collagen and elastin hyperplasia, reducing wrinkles, and restoring youthful vitality of the skin.

Blue light: improve acne, wavelength 415nm has the effect of rapidly inhibiting inflammation. Suitable for acuity, oil and acne skin, can reduce bacteria to achieve the purpose of removing acne, aromatic acne, promote protein and collagen synthesis, activate the skin, tighten loose skin, pregnant lines.


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