Text Scanning Pen Reader and Translator

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116 Language Text Scanning Pen Reader and Translator 

116 Language Text Scanning Pen Reader and Translator with Touchscreen Wireless & Offline Function

Global Translation: The professional dictionary scanner has 2.75 million words built in, which can scan and translate 116 languages online and offline scan or photo translation in 11 languages.
Efficient: Real-time rapid scanning and recognition, scanning, reading, and translation can be completed in an instant. It can scan one or more lines of text, word recognition, part of speech, explanation.
High Translation Accuracy: Using multiple AI engines such as iFLYTEK and Google, combined with proprietary neural network translation technology and servers deployed in multiple locations, the translation response is faster and the translation accuracy rate is higher.
Recording Translation Pen: Dual microphone high-definition noise reduction decoding recording, recording can be up to 4 hours. 116 kinds of voice real-time translation, a variety of accent understanding and accurate translation, easy to travel to many countries and regions.
Ideal Learning Tool: Scanning text can be collected and learned, and you can learn anytime, anywhere. There are also five types of dictionaries. In addition to Chinese-English translation, there are also Chinese dictionaries, idiom dictionaries and Tang poetry queries.
Professional and Humanised: Support the background update of the system, and the vocabulary is updated in time. There are options for holding the pen with left and right hands, and users can set it according to their own situation.


Color: Black
Shell Material: Plastic, Metal
Battery: Built-in 1800mAh Lithium Battery
Power Supply: 5V 100mAh
Work Time: 16hrs
Stand-by Time: 10 Days
Interface: Type-C USB
Storage: 1GB+8GB
Screen Resolution: 340*800
Scannable Font Size: No.6 to No.2
Recognizable Font: 20 Kinds of fonts (Song Ti, Inmitation Song, Kai Ti, Hei Ti, etc.)
Network Connection: WiFi
Operating Temperature: 0-40℃
Product Size: 15*4.5*1.2cm/5.9*1.8*0.5in
Product Weight: 90g/3.2oz
Package Size: 19*6.9*3.5cm/7.5*2.7*1.4in
Package Weight: 211g/7.5oz

Package List: 
1 x Scanning Pen
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual

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